Today 10th November, 2023 marks our 1095th day in office which translates to 36 months of the Gregorian calendar and 37 months of the Hijr calendar. I sincerely thank the Almighty Allah (God), and profusely appreciate members of NAC, NEC and the entire membership of our dear union for the commitment, support, cooperation,understanding and patience thus far. It really has not been easy as there have been sweet and sour experiences but in all of it, I must say all praise are due to AlMIGHTY ALLAH alone; (ALHAMDULLILAH!!!). While we are surely not there yet in terms of destination, please find below some of our modest achievements and successes:

  1. 1. Completion, furnishing and occupation of the new National Secretariat
  2. 2. Procurement of utility Vehicles
  3. 3. Acquisition of Land and procurement of brand new transformer
  4. 4. Constuction/Building of a standard Hotel (ongoing)
  5. 5. Introduction and sustenance of successful, satisfactory and rancor free NEC meetings
  6. 6. Successfully held two (2) National Women Conferences
  7. 7. Constitution/Inauguration of working Committees
  8. 8. Restoration of some branches (ABU and Uni Abuja)
  9. 9. Unionisation/inauguration of new branches
  10. 10. Expansion of group life insurance ( for NAC, NEC and Secretariat Staff) and comprehensive vehicle Insurance Policy
  11. 11. Floating of commercial bus service within FCT for IGR
  12. 12. Subsidized litigation fees for branches
  13. 13. Introduction of financial assistance to branches hosting NEC meetings from 2021
  14. 14. Creation of Active and Robust Social Media handles( Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  15. 15. Robust engagement with both National and International media houses ( print and broadcast)
  16. 16. Development and unveiling of functional website
  17. 17. Introduction of rotational and regular NAC Meetings
  18. 18. Periodic NAC and NEC members training
  19. 19. Introduction/Implementation of CONTISS Salary structure for Secretariat staff
  20. 20. Employment and absorption of additional secretariat staff ( administrative and security)
  21. 21. Championed the Release of and Payment of two (2) tranches of Earned Allowances
  22. 22. Release of and the payment of National Minimum Wage arrears (95%)and its implementation to Federal Universities and Inter University Centers
  23. 23. Continuation of Renegotiation of the 2009 SSANU/FGN Agreement
  24. 24. Robust Engagement with relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)and State Governments
  25. 25. Successful intervention for the Reinstatement of victimized Staff in some branches
  26. 26. Emergence of the National President(NP) as the National Internal Auditor of NLC and support/sponsorship of members who contest NLC positions in State Councils
  27. 27. Successful completion and testing of the U3PS payment solution/platform
  28. 28. Successful conduct of rancor free elections at branches
  29. 29. Effective resolution of perennial crisis in BSU, PLASU, TSU, LAUTECH etc.
  30. 30. Effective engagement with Governors Forum, Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Association of Registrars of Nigerian Universities (ARNU), Committee of Bursars of Nigerian Universities (COBNU), Association of Nigeria Universities Professional Administrators (ANUPA) and Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR)
  31. 31. Decentralization of Union Administration through effective Zonal Administration/representation
  32. 32. Full implementation of all NEC approved welfare packages to members (Death, disasters and felicitations)
  33. 33. Released and disbursed the sum of Five Million Naira (#5,000,000) as flood disaster palliative to affected branches
  34. 34. Correction of the erroneous Hazard allowance rate of #180,000 for senior Staff as contained in the SSANU/FGN 2009 Agreement to #360,000 being enjoyed by most branches
  35. 35. Involvement in the monitoring and evaluation of both FGN needs assessment and Tetfund funded projects across Nigerian Public Universities.
  36. 36. Occasional PR/support to past leaders of the Union (visits, moral and financial)

We will not also forget quickly the painful demise of some of our colleagues whom we started with but are no longer with us in the persons of Late Abdulmalik Yunus, Esther Ezeama, other NEC and Branch members. May their Souls Continue to Rest In Peace.

I will like to assure members that this Administration under my watch will surely and steadily arrive at the desired destination which is going to be our turning point.

Long Live SSANU !!!
Greatest SSANU !!!

M. H. Ibrahim fnipr, fils,fciml, manupa